Halt The Press!

The Salehurst Halt in the September sunshine.

Welcome to our new blog.

People come to the Salehurst Halt for our great choice of drinks, our wonderful food, and our friendly staff. We love having you visit and welcome the opportunity to stop and have a chat given the chance. Although sometimes we are victims of our own success and we don’t have the time to stop and talk to you all. Which is why we have decided to step up our game and get chatting more online.

If you are active on social media you will probably be following us on Facebook and/or Instagram – for which thank you. But not everybody is on Facebook, or is comfortable using social media. We all need to be on the internet these days, and therefore here at the Salehurst Halt we have decided we need to add a blog; a news article; a weekly catch up letting you know what is happening in the pub. That way, even if you pop in on a Sunday lunch time and all you see is the blurred outline of Fran rushing to get the roasts out, you can still catch up with all the news.

To kick things off we would like to say thank you – thank you to each and every one of you for coming in to see us and supporting your local. It is our wonderful regulars and visitors who help make the Halt the success it has become. In addition to physically popping in, you can support us by reading our blog posts and, should you be so inclined, sharing them on your social media, or just letting other people know about them.

Our next blog is close to completion and yes, it mentions (in great detail) the C word….. Christmas!

Thank you once again,

Team Halt.