How Old?

The bar staff at the Salehurst Halt

Our wonderful team at the Halt

When you come and visit us at the Salehurst Halt you can guarantee a good selection of real ales, some fabulous wines, a great selection of soft and non-alcoholic drinks; our food is sourced locally wherever possible and contains menu items you don’t usually see in a country pub. All of this wonderful food and drink is served by our amazing bar team. We know we are lucky to have them, because our customers tell us so.

The friendly faces that great you from the moment you walk in the door may be those you recognise; a number of our team have been with us for over a decade now. You may meet new smiley faces as other members have moved on to pastures new. They are all welcoming and pleased to see you, but here their similarities end.

We had a tot up over the weekend and would you believe…? Our current bar team cover 6 different decades! The newest member to join our crew is still in his (albeit late) teens; you don’t need to be a genius to work out which decade this makes our most senior front of house member. BUT! We are not asking anyone to guess who this person is, nor their age. No offence required….

Even though we can boast such a wide range in ages, we cannot match ‘Nanny Ann’. It was with interest that in March we read about Ann Wilson, who has been pulling pints since 1964. Named the ‘oldest bar maid in the UK’, at the young age of 82 Ann is still going strong and has no plans to retire.

“It is a good life. It is no good thinking ‘I have to go to work’ in this trade. You have to say ‘I am going to work and love it’. The person who comes through the door is the most important person at that time. It all rubs off where someone laughs and then everyone else laughs. We all take the mick out of each other but it’s all light banter, and we love it.”

Ann Wilson

We could not have put it better Ann.

The team at the Halt work together, and play together. You get the smiles and the service you rightly deserve because we have a team who love what they do.

Thank you to all who make our little country pub so successful – all of those whom you see front of house, and all you don’t see who work in the kitchens and getting the pub clean. You never know, maybe the Salehurst Halt will be able to claim the accolade of the oldest barman/barmaid in the country in a few years time…….