Spaghetti Squisito

Harvey's spaghetti vongole

“Spaghetti Squisito” – translation – “Delicious Spaghetti”

The Salehurst Halt is no ordinary English country pub; yes we have a selection of drinks that you would expect in an ‘ordinary’ pub; yes we have a bar, tables, chairs, a garden, friendly staff. But we don’t have the type of menu that you may find in other British pubs.

Last week, Harvey created a delicious dish that you would be more likely find in a top Italian restaurant than in a village pub: Squid Ink Spaghetti Vongole; clams, nduja sausage, garlic and parsley. And yes, it was as good as it sounds.

Wherever Harvey goes to eat, he manages to bring back with him nuggets of inspiration. In this instance, he was inspired after a recent trip to Lewes, to the Italian restaurant Squisito. Vongole is a classic Italian dish, originating from the city of Naples, but Harvey has given this his special touch and added spicy nduja for extra heat and a variety of texture. A lover of shellfish, be it mussels, prawns, clams or scallops, Harvey enjoys the simplicity of the seafood with the accompanying flavours they have, and how they can be combined with a huge range of ingredients to create wonderful dishes. Adding the squid ink spaghetti for this dish gives you an additional depth of flavour as well as the amazing colour palate.

We are so lucky to have such passionate chefs in our kitchen, all having been guided by our very own ‘Ogi’. Each have their own unique style and preferences, but what they share is their love of food. If you have joined us for a meal at the Halt you will know that this passion is translated onto your plate and the food you can enjoy at the Salehurst Halt is no ordinary pub grub.

Eagerly anticipating the next creation from the kitchen, if you too would like to sample some of Harvey’s wonderful dishes, please do get in touch to reserve your table. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Halt in the near future, where you are sure of a warm welcome and some spectacular food.